1977 – Elvis left the planet and I joined it

1982 – Got my first bike, 2 blocks later, smashed my nose into the ground…Learned you don’t get results without pain.

1983 – Got my own key to the house, began walking myself home after school and babysitting myself

1984 – Broke my uncle’s nose in a one-punch boxing match..learned to hit first in a fight

1990 – Got my first job as a paperboy. Lasted 6 months and got fired for delivering papers late…learned that I didn’t care enough about money to do something I hated

1991 – Work at my dad’s various business cleaning houses and hauling junk out of people’s backyards…learned about hustling, negotiating, and working hard

1992 – Joined 24 hour fitness and started riding my bike there to work out at 4:30am daily after watching Terminator 2.

Decided I would open a gym when I grew up.

1994 – Met the woman who’d later become my wife…also worked like a dog to buy my first car, a Chevy Camaro with T-Tops

1995 – Went to UC Berkeley, got my first real sales job after badgering the manager for 3 months to hire me.

1998 – Got a job selling Hondas, start to learn how people work

2003 – Hurt knee playing basketball, switch careers completely after selling for many years, became a software developer.

2006 – Corporate job, long hours, happy hours…got FAT, like super fat…tipped the scales at 315 lbs at one point

2007 – Tried CrossFit for the first time, got hooked and immediately lost 40 lbs in the first 3 months

2008 – Moved to London in a job transfer…got certified as a trainer

2009 – Opened my first gym, CrossFit Thames

2011 – Finished losing 100 lbs, completed the London Marathon, Daughter born, realize I need to get my act together and do what I love NOW.

2012 – After 3 years of sustained growth, quit the corporate job to work at Thames full time.

2013 – Move back to California, open CrossFit Hale

2015 – Hale and Thames going strong, began business mentoring

I’ve probably missed a bunch of stuff, like my coaching experience, public speaking, 25 different jobs, etc.

The only reason you care about my experience is to figure out how I can help YOU…and the truth is, that’s what my whole life is about.

I try as many ways as I can to find the best path whether it’s fitness, business ownership, or learning.

I have always been the guy who pushes himself and the people around him to improve…be just a little better than yesterday. I’ll challenge you to learn more, try more, be more.

My goal is to help you live a better life by getting you results, helping you learn from my mistakes, and giving you the support you need to follow through on your commitments.

As long as you’re coachable, willing to work hard, and not afraid to try new things, you’re going to love working with me. I’ll meet you where you’re at, and get you to the next level faster than you’d imagined.