I was raised from a young age to find satisfaction in a hard days work. My childhood was marked by long hot Texas summers where we didn’t come inside until the street lights came on. Building fences, mowing lawns, hauling dirt, and shoveling show (yes it snows in Texas), are truly the fondest of my childhood memories.

Fast forward to my freshman year of high school football. Blessed with size, and the natural strength derived from manual labor I began to find success on in the sport – Although I was seemingly weak when it came to the barbell and remarkably slow. I was relieved to discover this could all be changed with some long hard hours during the off season.

It was at this point in my life, that my work ethic, and my passion collided for the first time.

I parlayed a dash of natural talent and an ability to outwork most, into an opportunity to play football at the University of Houston, where I was awarded a full scholarship after my first year. When it was all said and done, I lettered 4 years, received a gold watch, an award for work ethic, a few broken bones, and one torn ACL… Alas, I gracefully took my place among the millions of American boys who did NOT make it to the NFL…

Convinced college sports were my stake in life – I spent my next years exploring opportunities. First with an internship in the athletics fundraising department, where I wore slacks and a tie every day, I rubbed elbows with some of Houston’s highest income earners but found my attention span for this to be very short.

Next, I was recruited by my former coaches to work as a strength and conditioning coach, and assistant defensive line coach. I loved the fact that I didn’t have to let go of football just yet. However, at the end of almost 3 years – I decided it was time for life after football. First, I asked the love of my life to marry me. Next, I dug deep on CrossFit as a training and business model. Six months later I opened the doors of CrossFit V3, now CrossFit 1420.

I have literally not spent a single day of my life not pursuing my passion, what I have learned is that passion needs to be coupled with a plan, and a personality. The same passion that has pushed me through rigorous physical and mental barriers has also left a wake of hard lessons learned.

I am passionate about the power of mentor-ship. I believe a business will only grow as the leader grows – as I experienced in my own business. During a tough time owning my gym, two people took aim at me as an individual and promised to support me, and teach me everything they knew about life, marriage, and leadership. We rarely talked business – but the correlation to my personal growth and business growth were undeniable.

I want to help gym owners grow personally and watch the changes overflow into their families and businesses. The Two Brain systems and methods are not limited in scope to gym growth, they will develop character and leadership in any individual willing to learn.