Return To Play 2020/21

From the NOHA Memo/meeting

NOHA Plan for Stages 3 and 4 (Short Term and Long Term Plan)

What we know
Below is some of the information that we currently know based on Phase 3:

  • Physical distancing remains a requirement for skill development sessions. Prolonged and deliberate contact is not permitted in any environment.
  • Currently, we are limited to “Leagues” of 50 participants. Therefore, any type of programming that we operate will need to abide by this structure. The Provincial Government will be reviewing data every four (4) weeks to determine whether the move ahead, stay the same, or move backward.
  • Based on a survey conducted by the Provincial Government, approximately 20% of families will return to sport as soon as it is available. This is applicable to all sport, and not specifically hockey, but at the same time, we need to anticipate a loss of participants.
  • Based on the above point, we need to be concerned with costs of participating to play hockey.
  • There is a strong possibility that there will be arenas in our jurisdiction that will not open this season, however the plans below are based on each Association continuing to operate.

Short Term Plan – Phase 3
The short term plan for Phase 3 is based on the fact that there can be “Leagues” of 50 participants, and these players will only be able to participate in programming within that “League”, which would include any game play.

Long Term Plan – Phase 4

Long Term Plan will impact only “AA” and “AAA” Major teams. Split between North South East and West… limited travel. All minor rep will be tiered as “A” and U11, U15 and U18 there are special considerations around this but not definitive yet.

Since we most likely will be confined to our arena, releases will not be granted until COVID-19 elements are no longer a factor.


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